2018 Cheap Jordans For Sale

Yesterday, we must have been Air Jordan 3 JTH brush screen, this only in the United States SNKRS surprise shelves of new products, the local fans who said 3 seconds sold out.

Once again proved that, in addition to the first year of color on the feelings of players who have irresistible mischief strength, these are not OG’s new product also has unimaginable lethality, what other means? In addition to the familiar OFF-WHITE and KAWS joint, take a look at the following pairs, you can recall the fear they had dominated …

Cheap Jordans 4 “Fear Pack”

As the theme of fear of the year three, the most popular is also the highest selling price of a speculation, Air Jordan 4 “Fear Pack” with grayscale gradation of multi-level color to create, plus the ink in the end of personality details, instantaneous become a street influx of people My heart is good.

Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard”

According to the trapeze players in the show that year, the rebounds to the detritus of the story and build, use the jersey at the time of wearing black and white orange jersey as inspiration, though not OG color, at the time of the first exposure is everyone jokingly called “Yoshinoya” theme.

Air Jordan 11 “72-10”

As the most limited edition in the history of the shoes, Air Jordan 11 “72-10” completely kicked the big devil in the Mainland’s name! Pan-pearl black patent leather embellished metal red details, excellent appearance texture so many small partners have dropped into the shoe ring. The hit rate of high shoes can be described as unprecedented, is definitely the most worthy of a pair of Air Jordan 11.

fragment x Air Jordan 1

Prior to the launch of the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, the Lightning Air Jordan 1, co-founded by Fujiwara Ho and Jordan Brand, was undoubtedly a leader, at least in the bazaar. Although Fujiwara Hao joint countless, but with Air Jordan cooperation, this is the first and only time.

Cheap Air Jordans 6 “Slam Dunk”

Slam Dunk series comics a complete impact on a generation, in 2018 cheap Jordan shoes will be the first to show the cherry wood blood image in the Air Jordan 6 shoe body. Special draw the exclusive shoe box, 3M reflective shoe body, even if you have no feeling of Air Jordan shoes, dunk experts will be touched on this theme.

Air Jordan 12 “Wings”

Scratch music with hidden wings Air Jordan 12 “Wings” Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2016 cheap Jordans saleĀ !

Wings full gorgeous state, after the sale had sold over ten thousand, and now the market conditions have stabilized, stable at around 6000 RMB, the true love of small partners can be considered to start.

See here, I wonder if you are these non-OG color circle it? In fact, the reason why cheap JordansĀ for sale can be regarded as classic, because he has already exceeded the meaning of shoes themselves. More like a culture, a symbol, all the time exudes its charm.

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