Air Jordan 1 Will Be Put On Sale

Dark blue Air Jordan 1 for sale because of its high popularity, resulting in prices will continue to rise, so that the majority of shoes fans despair. Now this pair of classic black and blue boots coming back again, this is very exciting.

The first version of OG available in 1985, after a lapse of 16 years in 2001 ushered in the first engraved, said the limited sale of 27000 pairs, the more xxxxx/27000 in tongue exclusive logo, while the last Asian replacement, caused by increased xxxxx/50000, but is still in short supply.

Air Jordan 1 on sale in September 15, 1985, the main road away from the first two colors, which is known as “Bred” and “Chicago”. Then that is offered to black and blue AJ1 “Royal”, the first black and red color Air Jordan shoes, this pair of history.

In appearance, this complex engraved cheap Jordan shoes in accordance with the first year of OG shape, but the leather material is different from the previous version of the complex.

The black AJ1 consistent with last year to build the litchi leather, its texture is more delicate, undertake the classic black and blue color dress, at the same time, a new dynamic atmosphere injection. A more stylish new black blue cheap Air Jordan for sale, I believe that the performance will be more excellent.

Not only in the appearance of loyalty to the first year of the OG shoe type, in the details of the Department is also closer to the first year. For the first time using the same version of OG and white lining, front punch fixed tongue also in a direct way of cutting, followed by box parts with slender shape double stitched show, which are very sincere.

Although Air Jordan 1 as one of the first color, but MJ has never been dressed in black and blue NBA in the field AJ1. Although the trapeze love didn’t get this pair of shoes on the pitch, but off but has many fans crazy for it, Jay-Z and Peter Kobe and the star turns on foot deduction.

The popularity of many stars push up Air Jordan 1 OG Royal popularity, which is an important reason for soaring prices.

This pair of black blue wholesale Air Jordan 1 “Royal” has been set to be released on April Fool’s day this April 1st. At present, the United States Footaction chain stores selling map has been released, for last year’s red, see the volume of the two can be almost the same.

Chinese area of male and female models and black AJ1 pricing agreement, respectively 1299 RMB and 999 RMB. If no accident will be in accordance with the Convention on April 1st at 9 o’clock on the day of the official website.

Due to the high popularity, it is very difficult to buy AJ1 at the original price. The market price in last year’s sale of black AJ1 as a reference, but to see in black and blue and black market resale price, are generally more black and blue, you can take on this pair of new black blue boots market price is a preliminary judgment.

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