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Jordan 7 launched at the end of 1991, Jordan is in the 1991-92 season boots. Because Jordan wore the Jordan 7 at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the cheap Air Jordans 7 also had its unique value in the Jordan series.

Jordan 7 of the shape of some cheap Air Jordan 6 of shadow, the biggest feature is that the color is particularly large. The heel is marked with size 23, and the sole is made up of a variety of geometric figures, and the trapeze logo on the side of the shoe adds a lot to the overall quality of the shoe. Jordan 7 ad is still dominated by black director Spark Lee, who has been directing and starring wholesale Jordan shoes since Jordan 4.

Nike Jordan launched at the Barcelona Olympic Games special memorial is the most worthy collection of a fan, the dream team jersey white / Blue / red / gold color, followed by the number 23 to Jordan’s dream team No. 9, lateral tongue trapeze and the words are JORDAN is the charming golden.

cheap Air Jordan 7
cheap Air Jordan 7

1991-1992 averaging 30.1 points per game, second consecutive year of regular season MVP, finals MVP, became the first person in history.

In the first round of the playoffs Jordan scored 135 points to lead the bulls to 3-0 win over the Miami heat, one of which scored 56 points. The bulls finals under the leadership of Jordan, with a total score of 4-2 to beat the Blazers won the championship.

Jordan used it to defend the second year NBA championship, and this sneaker has also become the 1992 Olympic gold medal single step hero.

Nike’s Jordan 8, launched in February 1993, embodies the design of technology at that time. The 8 generation of Jordan made a significant breakthrough in shape, the most prominent is the shoe face cross gluing design, strengthening the stability of the vamp. In the bottom of the absorption design of running shoes, a large number to reduce the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoe, the tongue trapeze signs with towel material. An abstract picture with the sides and the middle of the shoe is added to the art color of cheap Jordan 8.

Cheap Jordan shoes both fit and support, with shoelaces fixation system, Air-huarache elastic inner bottom wrapped feet, to show the adequacy of the hitherto unknown. At the bottom of the configuration, it will be left and right apart, boldly hollowed out kbc6n parts, so that it achieved lightweight goals.

It makes Jordan for seven consecutive years, scoring three straight NBA, the dream can be achieved. Jordan scored a stunning average of 41 points in the final.

cheap Air Jordan 8
cheap Air Jordan 8

But in this year Jordan won 3 consecutive championships, suddenly announced his retirement, many fans thought that Jordan would not return to the game, so that Jordan is wearing 8 Jordan back on the last one, so Jordan 8 also created 93 years Nike’s sales record. Jordan 8 for Jordan’s first retirement before the introduction of the last shoe, and therefore in the cheap Jordans sale series has a special significance.

In the 1992-1993 season, Jordan averaged 32.6 points per game, tying Chamberlain to 7 consecutive scoring points. He has scored 20000th points in his career this season, becoming the second fastest player to set that record. In June 20, 1993, Jordan beat the bulls in the finals with a total score of 4-2 to defeat the Feinikesi suns, setting the Bulls’ first three consecutive championships. Jordan averaged 41 points per game in the finals, setting the highest scoring record in the finals. Jordan also won the undisputed finals of the MVP, which made him the first player in history to win the finals for three consecutive years, MVP.

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