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Cheap Jordans 2011 “White / Anthracite”
Posted: 2011
Halfred’s team and Tom Rudyk designed this pair of Air Jordan 2011, the spirit of this pair of shoes from the horoscope and the movie Avatar. At that time NIKE basketball series toward the prospect of composite materials and mesh materials, Air Jordan 2011 walk in the forefront of the times.

Air Jordan XII “All-Star”
Posted: 1997
Although these shoes are widely known in the playoffs, Michael Jordan put on the shoes in February instead of May. His triple-double at the Cleveland All-Star Game was the first to wear the shoe. He has attracted much more attention than any other shoe in the All-Star Game.

Cheap Air Jordans VI “Sp Blue”
Posted: 1991
There is often a debate about this SP here, whether it implies sports blue, or September blue, whatever the case, what is certain is that it does not represent the state of Carolina. This is the second non-Bulls color following Air Jordan 3 True Blue and Air Jordan 4 Military Blue.
Air Jordan Retro VI “DMP”
Posted: 2006
Released in 2006, the set of these two pairs of shoes set off an incredible wave of history. Air Jordan 6 is to commemorate the first return of Michael Jordan 96 years champion. Luxurious black gold color is the theme of the entire shoe.
Cheap Retro Jordans V “Tokyo”
Posted: 2011
Designed for the Tokyo 23 Championships at Yoyogi Park, the yellow Nigerian Air Jordan 5 is so dazzling that it can not be found outside of Japan.
Air Jordan XIII “White / Black / Red”
Posted: 1998
In this pair of shoes full of legendary experience at the same time, this Air Jordan 13 designed by Hatfield has a well-known nickname panda. Cheap Jordan shoes with golf white and concave, when seen from behind the shoe “23” clearly visible.
Air Jordan Retro IV LS “Lightning”
Posted: 2006
Thunder brother shoes, is the ancestor of TOKYO Air Jordan 5, using a yellow Niubam lightning is also released as a package, it is released with a corresponding T-shirt, the price is only thunder in general, inspiration Also from Jordan’s motorcycle team.
Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux”
Posted: 1992
Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux” uses a nubuck fabric, abstract color, followed by a tribal totem on the rubber outsole. The Huarache concept of Harvard is also reflected in this shoe.

Air Jordan IX “White / Black / Red”
Posted: 1994
Perhaps sounds very strange, Jordan retired from the league, but Jordan Jordan brand to the world. AIR JORDAN in the soles after multi-language translation, followed by the logo will also become the world’s favorite fans. Cheap Jordans for sale uses a simple Air Jordan 2 color, the basic black and white shoes body with red embellishment.
Air Jordan X “Chicago”
Posted: 1995
Prophecy come true, when the Air Jordan 10 Chicago was all over the United States at the time, Michael Jordan with two simple words IM BACK announced his return to the NBA arena. When he put on the No. 45 shirt cut 55 in New York’s Madison Square Garden, you can see Spike Li annoyed expression.

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