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From 2014 Nigel Sylvester x Nike SB Dunk High “S.O.M.P.” to Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 Hi OG NRG in 2018, Nigel Sylvester finally realized his dream. And we also made a special trip to Nigel’s neighborhood to talk with him about the story behind this joint name.

When it comes to Nigel Sylvester, we can always think of a lot of labels: BMX, the personal Vlog “GO” series, and the cheap Jordans 1 on his feet. In many photos and videos of Nigel Sylvester, we can all see him wearing the Air Jordan 1, and it is not difficult to find his love and obsession with the cheap Jordan shoes. So when we saw that he chose Air Jordan 1 in his joint name with Jordan Brand, he was not surprised. The BMX has no braking system, and the sneakers become the best brakes for the rider during cycling.

As a BMX driver, the sneakers are full of creases and wear, which is a daily expression of Nigel Sylvester, and it is a map of his superb skills. Every time I see the worn out of the upper, we can see Nigel riding the BMX in the mind, shuttle through the streets of New York, and make difficult movements from time to time.

Historically, the Air Jordan 1 shoes also have a special meaning. In the 80s, both the board and the riders used the shoes as a skateboard and rider for a long time. The classic image of these Jordan shoes sale is even more irresistible to anyone who likes street culture.

The collaboration between Nigel Sylvester and cheap Jordans sale  is also the brand’s first exclusive signature shoe for BMX drivers. On the inside of this pair of Air Jordan 1 Hi OG NRG, the words “Jordan Biking Co., Est. 2017” are also printed. For Nigel, it was his time that his dreams came true for years.

Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 Hi OG NRG On the eve of the launch, we also came to New York where Nigel lived, from his mouth, to understand the beginning and end of this joint name.

In Nigel’s neighborhood, many people have deep feelings about Air Jordan 1, and Nigel himself recalls memories of Air Jordan 1 and told us, “I will pay attention to Michael Jordan’s movement from an early age, before going out to ride a bicycle. I will also watch his highlights on the internet, which will add inspiration to my movements.” Everyone is impressed with their first pair of Air Jordan 1, and when Nigel gets his first pair of Air Jordan At 1 o’clock, the first thought that came out of my mind was, “I want to ride this pair of Air Jordan 1 Bred.” In the neighborhood of Nigel, there are many riders like him. He recalls, “Many people will be there. Wearing other sneakers while riding, I changed to my Air Jordan after the end.” But Nigel, who has a close relationship with Air Jordan 1, has only one thought, that is, these clean, simple and classic shoes for playing.

BMX is perfect, “So I am thinking, if I only wear cheap retro Jordans 1 bike, what do people say?” For Nigel who insisted on wearing cheap Air Jordans 1 riding BMX, people did not start at the beginning. Understanding, and even he was questioned. “Before I did my homework before. In the 1980s, people wore these shoes to ride BMX. This is also an incentive for me.” For the actions of their predecessors, Nigel told us, “I want to make sure that I know everything.”

I will pay attention to Michael Jordan’s movement from an early age. Before going out to ride a bike, I will also watch his highlights on the Internet, which will add inspiration to my movements.

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