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Air Jordan, NIKE based on AIR DUNK, AIR JORDAN uses a new color, and the color of the NBA had been banned, that is “black”.  Cheap Air Jordans 1 do not have the sign of JUMPMAN flying man, but it has a sign of wings, representing first pairs of shoes of JORDAN series, that is AIR JORDAN 1.

Air Jordan 2 is the only pair of JORDAN shoes from Italy, with a lizard skin on its leather. The shoes are still a sign of wings. Air Jordan 2 did not use the logo of the JUMPMAN flying man.

Air Jordan 3 is the first Nike Jordan shoe to use the visible AIR-SOLE air cushion, and the first time to use the JUMPMAN flying man’s logo and air cushion on the replica Jordan shoes. AIR JORDAN 3 is a change in the NIKE time. The first time there is a visible single AIR-SOLE air cushion on the basketball shoes and 4 original colors.

Air Jordan 4 uses the same material and air cushion similar to that of the FLIGHT 89. AIR JORDAN 4 uses the open mode AIR-SOLE air cushion behind the foot. Cheap Jordans for sale, the grip of the foot is more prominent after the bouncing and landing, and the shoe’s surface is designed with mesh plastic.

Air Jordan 5 and other cheap Jordan shoes are quite different, the only part of the same AIR JORDAN lies in 4 middle and lateral tongue mesh design. AIR JORDAN 5 mesh is made of soft plastic and is completely transparent, the heel is still using the open air SOLE AIR, on the tongue using special reflective material. Transparent plastic buckle tongue makes AIR JORDAN 5 more perfect. Jordan the five generation of the tongue and soles are trapeze signs.

The first NBA champion JORDAN shoes. The heel is also used by a AIR SOLE mattress, a very bright and beautiful JUMPMAN logo on the tongue of the central, plus shoes innovation appearance, so that AIR JORDAN 6 is more delicate. Jordan’s six generation of shoes have a lot of beauty, and they seem to have a modern sense of modernity.

AIR JORDAN 7 does not use open air cushion design and transparent material. The AIR JORDAN 7 flyer moved to the upper, and the air cushion was also hidden in the sole. It was officially launched in 1991. The shoe was printed on the back of number 9 instead of No. 23 because the shoes were designed for Jordan’s 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and the page was called the Jordan Olympic shoes.

Not many fans like JORDAN 8, but JORDAN 8 has a very good innovation characteristics: the protection of ankle, and the use of a towel to the tongue on both sides of the magic band, the built-in design, the foot was completely wrapped, more comfortable. But the shoes have poor air permeability. Jordan’s eight generation of all black shoes are lined with red flying men, and the leather buckles of the shoes are very personal.

As Jordan dropped out of NBA, he didn’t go through AIR JORDAN 9 on the court at that time. Nike Jordan is a pair of shoes 9 international shoes, the shoe sole is hard, with the design of the same type of Air Jordan 8, followed by the number 23 is also printed on words, but there is no air, can be said to be a pair of ordinary shoes. But the retro style of the design and the outstanding lines made it a very popular Nike Jordan shoes.

AIR JORDAN 10 is a pair of shoes on Jordan’s return to the basketball court. The shoes of cheap Jordans with simple, and they don’t feel a noticeable feeling. The bottom of the foot has a very unique design, and the lines of the sole also have different words about Jordan.

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