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Cheap Retro Jordans XI “Cool Gray”
Published: 2001
In theory, a full-gray basketball shoes will certainly make people can not lift the spirit, but fortunately the theory does not apply with cheap Jordans for sale.

This cool gray Air Jordan 11 completely changed the way people think, but also for the subsequent gray series laid the foundation. The gray contrast between the shoe body and the sole makes the whole pair of cheap Jordan shoes look great.

Cheap┬áJordans III “Fire Red”
Posted: 1988
Dark elephant grain leather surface, red embellishment and bright gray lace design, Hamfield’s design is simply perfect. Although not the earliest case color, but it brings eternal classic.
Cheap Air Jordans XI “Columbia”
Posted: 1996
In the All-Star Game after MJ’s first return, it is more appropriate to wear which shoes at such an important moment. In contrast to the 1993 all-star Black Jack All-Star Air Jordan 8, this white color, complemented by blue and black, makes this shoe an absolute highlight on the spot thanks to Hatfield.
Air Jordan 1 “Black / Royal”
Posted: 1985
In addition to the classic bull color, this Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue Black may be the most popular color. It can be so popular because it is one of the few primary color replica shoes, coupled with black plus white midsole, so that these shoes look very beautiful.
Air Jordan V “Black / Metallic Silver”
Posted: 1989
Black shoes with body, side with mesh structure, reflective tongue and transparent outsole, and a red trapeze logo, which is how a pair of shoes? Hatfield was inspired by the P-51 Mustang aircraft and added some innovations to the concept, such as a separate outsole, a lateral ventilation system and an asymmetrical ankle design. The most brisk or reflective tongue, cool.
Air Jordan III “True Blue”
Posted: 1988
Air Jordan 2 was designed all year on the Bulls color, Air Jordan 3 broke this limit. TRUE BLUE Red and blue hues with elephant grain leather make this shoe exceptional.

Air Jordan V “White / Black / Red”
Posted: 1990
White leather and black midsole is a clear sign of cheap Jordans sale, Air Jordan 5 rubber outsole, reflective tongue, and Flying LOGO will it be upgraded to a new level, while the Air Jordan 5 shoelace locking system is very good Use, especially when wearing.
Air Jordan Retro VI “Olympic”
Posted: 2000
By 2000, the United States Olympic team has easily ruled the world basketball for 20 years. So the Jordan brand introduced this all-leather body Air Jordan 6, continued the carmine style. Ultimately the United States won the gold medal men’s basketball, VC even demonstrated a death button.

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