Cheap Jordans 11 Sale

Jordan was launched in November 1995, 11, Jordan is in the 95-96 season boots. Cheap Jordans sale  is not only the Jordan Series in the tripod to carry on the work, it has a profound impact on the entire Nike basketball shoes.

From the design perspective, wholesale Jordan 11 breakthrough with leather as the upper material, which has become a symbol of high-end basketball shoes. At the same time using the full palm built-in air cushion technology, combined with the use of the plastic fibre board full palm in the bottom, so that the whole pair of shoes to the extreme in this index in shock. It is worth noting that the built-in air cushion technique may be too soft for the inside player, but it is just comfortable for both defenders and small forward types. Comfortable foot feeling and rapid response to the sense of field is not inferior to any one pair of shoes with full palm cushion technology.

The outsole of the shoe is made of crystal rubber. This transparent material is compressed from synthetic rubber. It is important to note that this material is likely to oxidize yellow due to excessive light over the long period of time. But with a clean surface, it has a strong grip. In addition, the sole part also has the faint JUMPMAN.

The fast lacing system made cheap Air Jordan 11 very easy to take off, but because of the fabric of the shoes, the weight of the entire pair of shoes had been greatly reduced, the most lightweight of the Jordan series. The only drawback is that it is possible to wear the entire pair of shoes for long periods of wear.

In short, the new design of Jordan 11 is Jordan shoes sale never appeared in the “guard basketball shoes”, it is for the Jordan series, and even the entire basketball shoes development history is not only classic, so simple. Maybe we can think of it as a watershed for new and old basketball shoes. If Air ForceI and Jordan 1 are the ancestor of basketball shoes, then Cheap Air Jordans for Sale is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes development.

From 95 to 96, Jordan finished the season for the first time, and the Bulls won the 72 NBA record in the regular season. Jordan won the scoring title eighth times and was re elected in the all star game MVP. Led by Jordan, the Bulls back to the finals, and the total score of 4-2 defeat West Seattle, won the NBA Championship fourth times, Jordan was re elected to the MVP finals, won the three title of the season MVP.

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