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Jordan, the god of basketball. I believe that every friend who loves basketball will regard him as an idol of his life. I am also a fan of Jordan. I have cheap Jordan shoes, posters, and I read every article about him. Again, I like cars, I know that Jordan is also a fan of Ferrari fans.

1998 was a historic year. This year’s league game has witnessed the appearance of the Air Jordan XIII and Air Jordan XIV. In six games, they alternated with MJ in a shuddering way. The former accompanied him to the curtain of the series, which helped him to triumph in the final battle. Almost no one knew at the time that these six games would mark the end of an era. Two pairs of shoes are on the court, and the gold cups are held in one hand: Today, the Air Jordan Finals Pack returns to glory and pays tribute to this legendary achievement.

The Lakers star Kobe Bryant will be officially retired after the end of the season. Michael Jordan, a predecessor and brother, gave Kobe a big gift.

Yesterday, Jordan hosted a party in Toronto. Kobe took his wife Vanessa and took a group photo with Jordan. At the same time, the Jordan brand gave a set of Air Jordan full range of shoes to Kobe.

The official version of the Jordan brand is a close-up: “The last legacy: a gift given to him by the boss (Jordan) before Kobe’s last All-Star Game.” And the photos of these shoes were also very spectacular. .

“The cheap Jordans  is beyond the scope of basketball. It is about leaving a legacy and paying tribute to those who have left their legacy.” Jordan brand president Larry Miller said, “Tonight, the Jordan brand can pay tribute to the greatest basketball. One of the athletes and the heritage he created.”

Jordan’s sneakers for Kobe include the Air Jordan III and Air Jordan VIII. As early as the 2002-03 season, Kobe had passed through these two pairs of shoes in the game.

Cheap Air Jordans 14 “Red Suede” is a tribute to Ferrari Maranello. This large red suede is used to create a shoe with a black outsole and lining.  Cheap Jordans for sale, metal and carbon panels accent the midsole. The Air Jordan 14’s signature shield is highlighted in bold yellow. Full of Ferrari elements.

However, this move seems to make Hummer unhappy. We all know that Hummer has a Ferrari license and has launched a range of Ferrari-made shoes, accessories and clothes. These are all paid a high license fee, which can instantly increase the force. NIKE didn’t make a penny, but it still got everything that Hummer got. To be honest, although there are Ferrari elements, I prefer to choose Air Jordan.

Similar to Ferrari, in the second-hand market, it will become more expensive. Coincidentally, Jordan defeated the Utah Jazz in the 98th Finals with the original Air Jordan 14. This limited edition Ferrari Air Jordan14 is priced at $200. As for the value, it’s up to you. Similar to Ferrari, in the second-hand market, it will become more expensive.

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