Cheap Jordans For Sale Black Friday and Cyber Monday

According to the latest data released by the cheap Jordans shoes trading website, in the third quarter of 2017, Nike Jordan squeezed the Sneakerheads wallet, and the eight most expensive shoes sold in the resale market were all from Nike.

This season, Nike’s joint and re-enacted shoes bombarded the market in an all-round way, and intensively publicized, the shoes that attracted attention, the joint name of Vapormax and Edison Clot. Air Max 97 and Undefeated, Skepta, Swarovski Co-branding; automatic lace shoe sneakers Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 for sale; Nike SB and Supreme on the official website of the global launch… Of course, everyone knows Nike and Off White teamed up with The Ten.

The Ten has been highly regarded by the market since its inception, whether it is shoe fans or ordinary consumers, because they are “really good-looking” rather than a detail related to Michael Jordan’s personal history of basketball, as Off-Whilte The designer of the manager, Virgil Abloh, is even more likely to win the 31st Annual Achievement Award for the annual Shoe Award. For Nike fans, many people have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Nike x Off-White “The Ten”

It can be seen that although not all of them are on sale, The Ten has already had a very high price in the resale market, and five of them have been in the top ten of the “Most Valuable Shoe List” in the third quarter. The first cheap Air Jordans 1 average resale price was 1985 US dollars (about 13129 yuan). If you go to Taobao to search for these shoes, the price varies from 10999 to 18,000 yuan depending on the size.

This situation is a subtle contrast to the same period last year: in the third quarter of 2016, Adidas fully occupied the list with NMD and Yeezy, proclaiming that they have won the trend, and what happened later proves that they I also won in business.

Will the same thing happen to Nike? It may not be so optimistic. In September, Nike’s first-quarter earnings for the 2018 fiscal year was the lowest in the company’s quarterly revenue growth in the past seven years, as the growth rate was too small to be rounded to 0%.


Even the The Ten series, which was invincible by the media, Virgil Abloh still has no permission to design a shoe that has never been seen in the market, or that Nike has not allowed him to do so. Coupled with the launch of 10 Jordan shoes sale in one breath, it is difficult to figure out which style the brand is pushing. It is easy to happen that the more classic cheap Jordans 1 has grabbed the new style.

In any case, the popularity of the current joint venture is a good thing for Nike, but the question is, how to turn these popularity into mass market sales?

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