Cheap Jordans I

It is understood that many consumers buy Jordan sports shoes because Jordan shoes’ logo is full of vitality, especially for young people, publicity and passion of the logo, it is hard to resist. The color of Cheap Jordans is mainly based on black as the main color, the shoes themselves are more resistant to dirt and wear characteristics, stand the test of time and polished. In an interview with reporters learned that most consumers like replica Jordan shoes, the main reason is not only because Jordan shoes fashion durable, but also because cheap Jordan shoes that attract people’s attention Jordan shoes logo. Each one of the Jordan shoes are strictly required signs in a special position, not only fashion but also a unique charm, by the vast number of consumers love and trust in the minds of people have left a deep impression.

The logo of Jordans sale is very dynamic, do not want so monotonous other actors, in particular, I like the Jordan star, so I have always been wearing cheap Air Jordan shoes, because I also like sports, wearing other shoes exercise a little uncomfortable, And sometimes it feels very strenuous and the feet are very vulnerable, but since I wear the Jordan shoes signature sneaker, I feel especially athletic and not only comfortable but also comfortable. ”

In fact, Jordan 1 in terms of function and other shoes at the time is not much different, but it has a striking appearance – with black and red as the main color (when the shoes are mostly white).

Regardless of training or competition, Jordan wear these shoes. Because of its maverick color (unlike the Bulls’ white shoes), the league banned Jordan from wearing the shoes while fine. Fines have risen to $ 5,000 per game, but Nike Jordan to pay a fine to encourage Jordan to continue to wear. The NBA’s ban becomes a cheap, best ad (millions of dollars to do that) and more people are starting to look at Jordan and his shoes.

With a non-stop broadcast of a television commercial titled “Jordan Flight,” an ad video: One basketball rolled to the side of the open air stadium, a man in loose shorts hooked the ball with skillful action In the palm of his hand, and stride to move his big pair of wearing colored sneakers. Suddenly, Jordan flies, the lens with nearly 10 seconds of slow-motion effects, vividly depicts Jordan outstretched in the air out of the amazing action.

Jordan 1 shoes that year in the United States up to 130 million US dollars turnover!

It is because of the importance of Jordan 1, Nike recently launched a commemorative edition of a Jordan 1.

Cheap Jordans sale uses a very rare near the pearl-like wing logo design, and the only all-white design, and look more valuable sense of the new soles of transparent rubber material design, more importantly, it uses The original trapeze signs, this sign did not appear after Jordan 3. This commemorative version of Jordan 1 will also be the original version of the double hook replaced by two great silver trapeze signs.

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