Cheap Retro Jordans Shoes For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Recently, a South Korean limited edition cheap Air Jordans 3 was brought to the attention of the Korean men’s basketball coach. The Korean flag Taiji flag is embroidered on the tongue of the cheap Jordans shoes, and the inner side of the left and right feet are embroidered with Korean in Seoul and the 1988 Seoul Olympics slogan harmonious and progressive.

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Jordans shoes, cheap Air Jordans

The release of the style is the most direct embodiment. For example, Nike Hyperdunk shoes, this is already the most basic basketball shoes, but according to “SIZE” magazine, most of the basic color schemes like team basketball are not available for sale in China, mainly because dealers get the goods. Limited, I think that Chinese shoe fans like fancy color matching, which makes people who want basic models only buy through the secondary market.

cheap Jordans
cheap Jordans, cheap Retro Jordans

In addition, Chinese consumers are still lacking in awareness of cheap Jordans at this stage. They are also like buying other fashion items. They stay at the level of buying the same star. What kind of fire is what it is for many fake Jordans shoes sale enthusiasts, making many The price of cheap Retro Jordans shoes and reselling prices has risen. It is reported that Air Jordan 1 has doubled in price after the broadcast of “Hip of China”.

On the other hand, fans are also following the stars, and many Chinese stars are just wearing overseas celebrities, because in China’s numerous sneaker market, Air Jordan has become history, no longer sought after by millennials, but Air Jordan For American shoe fans, it is a shoe that can never be abandoned.

Despite this, Steven Cui still believes that the sneaker culture can develop to the same extent as overseas in China, which is one of the reasons why he brought Sneakerhead into China earlier than other competitors. Steven Cui and his two friends founded the shoe sales platform Sneakerhead in 2002, starting on the line, including Yeezy, Supreme, Off-White, PALACE, Air Jordan and other brands, and entered China in 2012, opened Tmall The flagship store is the first brand to bring the concept of tide shoes to China.

From Tmall’s sales data, from 2013 to 2017, cheap Jordans sale is the first in the category of sports shoes. Steven Cui also revealed that Sneakerhead has been a case study for Tmall.

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale, Jordan shoes sale

Since North America is the birthplace of cheap Jordans for sale culture and the market of sports brands, with more than $1 billion in sports shoes collection market, many brands of high-end or limited-edition models will choose to start in North America, earlier than domestic and more. Styles allow Sneakerhead to take advantage of product differentiation to pre-empt the Chinese market. Earlier this year, Sneakerhead launched the e-commerce platform app “Sneakerhead X”. So far, Sneakerhead has 10 online sales channels in China.

According to Steven Cui, the main tool to promote the spread of sneaker culture in China is social networking. At this stage, it will be even more infiltration and growth in the future. The data shows that users on the social media Instagram share 31% of the content of the tide brand equipment. “Reversely, sharing the tide brand equipment with strong display function, this is the broad psychology of young people”, fragmented information split The luxury brand has consistent customer loyalty, and the brand brand product innovation is fast, adapt to the trend, more in line with the social network communication logic.

wholesale Jordans sale
wholesale Jordans sale

Wholesale Jordans sale 18 has been confirmed to return in 2018, the white-blue Air Jordan18 will be officially released on January 22, priced at 225 dollars. Recently, there is a red color matching Air Jordan 18 exposure network, the whole shoe body is covered with red fur, and the bottom is divided into black. In 2009, the black and red color scheme in the Air Jordan 5 Angry Bull Set is very similar.

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