Cheap Retro Jordans

Cheap Retro Jordans XII “Nubuck”

Posted: 2003

This shoe is sold as a set, for $ 200. “nubuck” Air Jordan Retro XIIs and Carmelo Anthony’s Nuggets color matching is the use of the black card color. Most of the other Air Jordan 12 full full leather material, at this point “nubuck” Air Jordan Retro XIIs look different.

Cheap Jordans Retro 1 “White / Grand Purple”

Released: 2009

Now we have a hard time to determine how many color of Air Jordan 1. The only clear is that there is a lot of Air Jordan 1 waiting for us to enjoy, including some metallic color. In 2009, the Jordan brand released “Do The Right Thing” metal color set, but Grand Purple shoes that day did not release in the United States.

Cheap Air Jordans Retro IV “Black Cat”

Posted: 2006

Air Jordan 4 is a rare few materials and texture with all black so perfect shoes.

Air Jordan XVI “Navy”

Published: 2001

Air Jordan 16, Michael Jordan retired after the launch of the first brand of Jordan shoes with the style. The navy has many basketball stars through, including Mike Finley, Reggie Miller, Darrell Miles.

Air Jordan 1 “Boston Celtics”

Released: 2009

Cheap Jordan shoes is to commemorate the 1986 playoffs Michael Jordan scored 63 points against the Boston Celtics feat. Compared to the previously released black and red version, this shoe is just replaced by the Bulls red Celtic green.

Air Jordan XIV “White / Red”

Posted: 1999

This is Michael Jordan’s last shoe as a Bulls, making it of special significance.

Air Jordan X “City Pack”

Posted: 1995

Since Michael Jordan left the NBA and practiced baseball in Birmingham, the Air Jordan 10 was actually made for other athletes. These basketball players include Kendall Jill, Nick Anderson, Hadley Lawner and so on. This shoe shows that although Michael Jordan is out of the NBA, his spirit is always there.

Air Jordan XI Low “Snake”

Published: 2001

When Air Jordan 11 low snake just came out, Blackman Babcock also wearing Adidas and No. 8 jersey in the NBA.

Air Jordan Retro IV “Eminem”

Posted: 2004

This Detroit color-themed cheap Jordans for sale sneaker only made 50 pairs for riffer Eminem and his friends to celebrate his “Encoe” album.

Cheap Jordans XII “White / Red”

Posted: 1997

This shoe is the second wave of Air Jordan 12 for sale that year, red and white with transparent red outsole color, a black lining, put on black socks without any sense of compromise. This shoe in addition to Michael Jordan, the Bulls Luke Langley, Bill Wellington are on the foot.

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