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This year’s domestic and foreign popular elements, wide edition cutting, simple, military clothing, sports shoes. It is said that part of the shoes this year is completely occupied by sports shoes. With the end of this year, whether there is a wide market for sports shoes next year is unknown. So, a pair of sneakers that have never been out of date since they were born. It is Jordans sale Brand, and we are more accustomed to calling it Air Jordan.

A legendary brand is born, it is not only a highly functional footwear product, but also a cultural symbol.

In the 86 -87 season, in the all star weekend, Michael won his first dunk championship and ushered in the first title king. With his brilliant achievements, a pair of embossed leather shoes made by the Italy shoe master.

Air Jordan III, through breakthrough innovation and perfect appearance, Jordan called Air Jordan III one of his favorite items. And according to the vote of 2005 viewers on ESPN television, the shoe was rated as the greatest sport shoe in history.

After the introduction of Air Jordan IV, the cheap Air Jordan for sale was truly entered into the modern cultural dictionary.

Michael tried to wear the shoe in the match against Cleveland, winning 69 points and winning fourth times with an average of 33.6 points per game.

Air Jordan VI was ruled by the 80s Show Time Dynasty to the “Torch” moment of the 90s Micheal Jordan and the Bulls Dynasty.

Air Jordan neoprene insoles with the integrated structure of the VII gives the word “comfortable” with new meaning.

Air Jordan VIII only three different color combinations, make it become the most popular brand in the series welcome a shoe.

Nine years of exquisite carving, to create this minimalist classic products, shoes on the bottom of the design of the national logo and language. Michael took part in the design and loved the shoe, but he didn’t wear the shoes for the first time.

Air Jordan X is Jordan’s comeback shoes. Jordan’s honor and special experience of 10 years’ sneakers were recorded from 1985 to 1994 years ago, and released in different cities of the United States, including the theme color of every city.

Air Jordan – is the classic of classics, Michael thinks that we should bring the “regular image” for the stadium, this is the high perspicacity shoes inspiration.

The first use of Zoom Air technology wholesale Jordans sale, this technology makes the shoes with light and slow shock and quick response characteristics.

Air Jordan XII I inspired by the cheetah, of course, also from the strong desire of Michael and a civet on the pitch agility.

Michael is fond of cars, so Air Jordan – V with his toy Ferrari M550 coupe as a design inspiration.

The design of the Air Jordan XV shoes was inspired by two major flying objects: Michael Jordan and the X-15 fast jet fighter.

The design of cheap Air Jordans XVI performance, unique style based on the automobile, building and Michael turned from the player to serve as president of the stadium shook the Washington Wizards basketball affairs.

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