Middle and Outsole Related Terms for Cheap Jordans

Today, we bring you the cheap Jordans Sneaker popular science knowledge dictionary, which explains various acronyms and nouns in detail and hopes to help you further understand the cheap Jordan shoes.

Middle and Outsole Related Terms

adiPRENE – adidas damping technology. adiPRENE is an elastic material designed to provide the cushioning needs of the wearer when walking. It is usually used in the heel portion of shoes of cheap Jordans sale.

adiPRENE a – damping technology of the didas. adiPRENE is similar to adiPRENE technology, except that adiPRENE is more flexible and is generally designed to provide better forefoot power.

Air – air cushion. Nike’s shock absorption technology is now used in many different types of shoes. Air technology was invented by Marion Frank Rudy in 1984. Its technical principle is to compress pressurized gas into a “bag” made of polyurethane material, and the volume of these gas molecules is too large to make them pass through the poly. The polyurethane insulation layer. In 1997, Nike ended its technical monopoly on Air, allowing competitors to produce shoes based on Air cushion technology, which is why we can now see more different brands of air-cushioned shoes on the market.

Air, Encapsulated Рcompressed air cushion. The air cushion is compressed into the midsole of the wholesale Jordans sale and is not visible from the outsole.

Air, Max – high pressure, special gas into a tough synthetic rubber, air cushion pressure from 5psi.10psi20psi25psi composed of different pressure chamber, and more shock absorption. And the shoes based on Max Air technology are usually less used in the midsole sandwich material based on foam rubber shock absorption, so it can properly reduce the weight of shoes. Max Air is usually visible and is commonly used in the forefoot and heel sections of shoes.

Air, Total – full foot air cushion. It is an upgraded version of Max Air. It consists of several different pounds of air cushions. It provides the athlete with safer, more comfortable protection and shock-absorbing effects for the required number of padded air cushions for each part.

Air, Tuned – evolved from Max Air, consists of several sets of hemispheres based on polyurethane material that are placed opposite each other to provide additional shock absorbing performance in specific areas of athletic cheap Jordans for sale.

Air, Zoom – An advanced damping system based on Nike Air technology, providing a quick response buffer that is closer to the ground. The Zoom Air-sole unit consists of two layers of high-density nylon elastic fabrics sealed with a polyurethane airbag. This combination allows the air cushion to quickly react when the air cushion is subjected to a strong impact, quickly dispersing the pressure, and this effect is somewhat similar to a trampoline. Most of Zoom Air is often placed in the forefoot of basketball shoes, but it is also used in the heel section for a few moments.

Cheap Air Jordans Outsole – outsole, the outermost sole that touches the ground.

Cheap Real Jordans Phylon – Lightweight and resilient buffer mix made from heat-compressed EVA foam rubber. Phylon is Nike’s unique patented technology, usually used in the midsole of the forefoot, but it is sometimes used in the entire midsole.

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