Real Cheap Retro Jordans 2018 Christmas Sale Online

Sneaker was originally intended to be a rubber sole, a single vulcanized rubber shoe.  The Cheap Jordans became the starting point for the sneaker culture. At this point, in addition to the monotonous movement function, the Jordan shoes sale gradually develop into characteristics such as comfort, leisure and fashion.

In the 1990s, skateboarding and sneaker culture began to take shape, and a number of sneaker collectors known as Sneakers were created. In the sneaker culture lovers, there are generally three levels:

The first category is the general consumer group. Because it is purely loved by styles and brands, the consumption power is normal. This also includes the people who choose the cheap rare Jordan shoes style of luxury brands.

The second category is for people who have high requirements for fashion. Sneakers are the main demand, but under the trend, popular styles must be included in the bag.

The third category is street culture followers, senior fans, and sneaker collectors. It is called “Sneakerhead”. It has extremely high requirements on the style and quantity of sneakers. It is not only popular, but also collects classics. The acquisition is limited to classic models.

Although Converse was the first brand to introduce casual sneakers, the ultimate in sneaker culture was the Air Jordan series of basketball shoes that Nike launched in 1985. Nike tailored for the re-emergence of basketball star Michael Jordan.

After being aware of Michael Jordan’s influence on and off the stadium, Nike, who has been a leader in the US sports industry, invited them to work together to create a pair of classic pair of Air Force 1 and Nike Dunk shoes. Air Jordan, but no one thought that the series would become a new starting point for modern sneaker culture.

Osbourne, editor-in-chief of the American basketball magazine “SLAM Dunk”, said in an interview that it is difficult to explain the fanaticism caused by cheap Air Jordans 1 unless it has really experienced such an age. At that time, the sneakers were not only verbally Like, but a true love for Michael Jordan, not only fell in love with the basketball that Michael Jordan is engaged in, but also follows the fashion trend that he leads.

Since then, cheap Jordans sale decided to launch the Air Jordan series on a regular basis, while Michael Jordan wears a pair of sneakers named after him, constantly on the field, and has achieved great success. Every pair of Air Jordan records his legend, such as Air Jordan 11 and the legendary 72 wins and 10 losses, Air Jordan 12 and the flu battle and accompanied him to complete the last season and the last shot of the Air Jordan 13/14.

In addition to basketball, some analysts believe that the carrier of the cheap retro Jordans sneaker culture also includes various trend cultures such as street and rap. With the continuous development of the sneaker culture and the integration of the trend elements, the design of the sneakers has become more and more diverse, and has been given the fashion connotation.

If Michael Jordan is a milestone in contemporary sneaker culture, then Kanye West is the key to bringing contemporary sneaker culture to a climax. After joining Adidas, Kanye West’s “Kanye Effect” has become the hottest and most controversial topic in the sports shoe industry.

According to industry sources, the limited hunger marketing dominates the sneaker market in the past few years and gives Adidas a chance to fight Nike. About three years ago, in the lowest valley of Adidas, the brand signed a lucky star Kanye West with a $10 million and promised dividend, and soon launched the hot-selling Yeezy coconut shoes collection.

It is reported that the series of buying craze is no less than the cheap Air Jordans of the year. In the second-hand market, the price of a pair of Yeezy 350 V “Zebra” has exceeded one iPhone X. From the price point of view, nearly 10,000 pairs The price of sneakers even exceeds the price of luxury brand shoes.

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