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The new Cheap Jordans shoes, which are available every Saturday at 9am, are the main currency in the circle. Thousands of shoes were sold on the shelves of private shoe stores www.cheapjordansale.com, and the price hikes ranged from a few hundred dollars to several times, depending on the extent to which the shoes were in short supply.

Cheap Jordans
Cheap Jordans

In the United States alone, according to www.cheapfakejordans.com’s 2018 statistics, this huge secondary market can reach $1.2 billion, with approximately 9 million pairs of cheap Jordan shoes being resold each year and generating $380 million in profits. Starting with the iconic cheap Air Jordans 3 Black Cement, Nike spent 29 years building the rules of the game. In the words of Josh Luber, CEO of www.ebuyjordans.com: “It’s all about supply and demand.”

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Air Jordans

Sneaker Con is an event founded on the basis of such a subculture group. The ratio of buyers to sellers is very large, mostly for male audiences, in stark contrast to the large number of girls who are queued for the Quan Zhilong concert in the next hall on August 28.

In 2009, Russian-born brothers Alan Vinogradov and Barris Vinogradov, who grew up in the United States, united the Chinese-American Yu-Ming Wu partner of Taishan, Guangdong Province, to hold the first Sneaker Con at the Times Square Art Center in New York, at the time of a ticket of $10. A booth cost $100 and more than 1,000 people came from Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey.

Prior to this idea, the Vinogradov brothers operated a limited-edition shoe site in New York, osenaker.com, while Yu-Ming was the founder of the famous shoe media SneakerNews, which currently has 6.5 million fans. At the time, they realized that their offices were only three blocks away because of a link error on the website.

In an interview with Curiosity Daily, Alan said that he did not agree with Josh Luber to compare everything that happened in the shoe circle to the stock market. “Gold is gold, you know it is expensive; gasoline is gasoline, you fill it up. Fuel tank. But shoes are a culture, not a commodity.”

He went on to explain: “reselling is part of the sneaker culture. If anyone denies this, they don’t know the sneaker culture. Just like Instagram, and retail stores, reselling sneakers is a very important tool. Reseller is a sports brand. The right arm of marketing.”

Alan has been doing shoe sales since 2003. He said that in the United States, people still felt that it was not very good, but today, cheap Jordans sale dealers are cool in the United States. “You are the boss.”

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale

The ability to acquire special channels and Jordan shoes sale is also an important indicator of the seniority of the Sneakerhead circle.

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Sneaker was originally intended to be a rubber sole, a single vulcanized rubber shoe.  The Cheap Jordans became the starting point for the sneaker culture. At this point, in addition to the monotonous movement function, the Jordan shoes sale gradually develop into characteristics such as comfort, leisure and fashion.

Cheap Jordans
Cheap Jordans

In the 1990s, skateboarding and sneaker culture began to take shape, and a number of sneaker collectors known as Sneakers were created. In the sneaker culture lovers, there are generally three levels:

The first category is the general consumer group. Because it is purely loved by styles and brands, the consumption power is normal. This also includes the people who choose the cheap rare Jordan shoes style of luxury brands.

The second category is for people who have high requirements for fashion. Sneakers are the main demand, but under the trend, popular styles must be included in the bag.

The third category is street culture followers, senior fans, and sneaker collectors. It is called “Sneakerhead”. It has extremely high requirements on the style and quantity of sneakers. It is not only popular, but also collects classics. The acquisition is limited to classic models.

Although Converse was the first brand to introduce casual sneakers, the ultimate in sneaker culture was the Air Jordan series of basketball shoes that Nike launched in 1985. Nike tailored for the re-emergence of basketball star Michael Jordan.

After being aware of Michael Jordan’s influence on and off the stadium, Nike, who has been a leader in the US sports industry, invited them to work together to create a pair of classic pair of Air Force 1 and Nike Dunk shoes. Air Jordan, but no one thought that the series would become a new starting point for modern sneaker culture.

Osbourne, editor-in-chief of the American basketball magazine “SLAM Dunk”, said in an interview that it is difficult to explain the fanaticism caused by cheap Air Jordans 1 unless it has really experienced such an age. At that time, the sneakers were not only verbally Like, but a true love for Michael Jordan, not only fell in love with the basketball that Michael Jordan is engaged in, but also follows the fashion trend that he leads.

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale

Since then, cheap Jordans sale decided to launch the Air Jordan series on a regular basis, while Michael Jordan wears a pair of sneakers named after him, constantly on the field, and has achieved great success. Every pair of Air Jordan records his legend, such as Air Jordan 11 and the legendary 72 wins and 10 losses, Air Jordan 12 and the flu battle and accompanied him to complete the last season and the last shot of the Air Jordan 13/14.

cheap retro Jordans
cheap retro Jordans

In addition to basketball, some analysts believe that the carrier of the cheap retro Jordans sneaker culture also includes various trend cultures such as street and rap. With the continuous development of the sneaker culture and the integration of the trend elements, the design of the sneakers has become more and more diverse, and has been given the fashion connotation.

If Michael Jordan is a milestone in contemporary sneaker culture, then Kanye West is the key to bringing contemporary sneaker culture to a climax. After joining Adidas, Kanye West’s “Kanye Effect” has become the hottest and most controversial topic in the sports shoe industry.

According to industry sources, the limited hunger marketing dominates the sneaker market in the past few years and gives Adidas a chance to fight Nike. About three years ago, in the lowest valley of Adidas, the brand signed a lucky star Kanye West with a $10 million and promised dividend, and soon launched the hot-selling Yeezy coconut shoes collection.

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Air Jordans

It is reported that the series of buying craze is no less than the cheap Air Jordans of the year. In the second-hand market, the price of a pair of Yeezy 350 V “Zebra” has exceeded one iPhone X. From the price point of view, nearly 10,000 pairs The price of sneakers even exceeds the price of luxury brand shoes.

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The NBA has a story that, 31 years ago, the league banned rookie Jordan from wearing a red and black color cheap Air Jordans 1, which triggered a series of events. This incident is well known to the media and fans, and I believe it does. However, is the truth of the matter really the same?

cheap jordans
cheap air jordans

In the story of the cheap retro Air Jordan 1 red and black ban, Jordan played a red and black color Air Jordan 1 on the court, each ball was fined $ 5,000, the reason for the alliance is to break the consistency rules. This rule requires players to wear sneakers not only to match the jersey, but also to match the sneakers of teammates.

At the time, black and white sneakers were the mainstream, while red and black collocations were considered to be deviant. David Stern, then president of the league, didn’t want to see the traditional red and black sneakers appear on the court, and Jordan insisted that Nike said that he would pay all the fines for Jordan. This rebellious spirit combined with Jordan’s flying skills. Let cheap retro Jordans 1 achieve classics.

cheap retro jordans
cheap retro jordans

The question is, how many games did Jordan wear the red and black Air Jordan 1 in his rookie season? Did Nike really pay a fine? The bigger question is, is the cheap real Air Jordans 1 red and black color really the first basketball shoe to be banned by the NBA?

According to information provided by senior sneaker fans and Jordan fans, the first sneaker worn by Jordan in his rookie season is not the legendary Air Jordan 1 red and black, but Nike’s Air Ship red and black color. Jordan passed through three color-matched Air Ships, white, white, and red. The red and black Air Ships were actually banned by the league, not Air Jordan 1.

This is Jordan’s photo in the 1984 preseason game against the Knicks, he is wearing a red and black color Air Ship. The game took place on October 18, 1984 at the Madison Square Garden. That game was the sixth preseason game for the Bulls. They had a confrontation with the Knicks on October 15, 1984. In combination with the above mentioned, the vice president of the alliance sent a letter to Nike that Jordan was wearing the shoes before and after October 18, 1984. We can know that the shoes banned by the league are Air Ship red and black.

In the YouTube video, you can see Jordan in an interview with the Air Ship in red and black, at the Madison Square Garden, on October 18, 1984. On November 8, 1984, Jordan’s first show in the Madison Square Garden regular season, wearing the Air Ship, but the color became red and white.

There are no photos showing Jordan’s passing through the red and black air Jordan 1 in the NBA rookie season. Although some fans have taken some pictures, they tried to prove that Jordan passed the red and black Air Jordan 1, such as the 1985 dunk contest. And a screenshot of a documentary filmed by Jordan and Ewing.

cheap jordans for sale
cheap jordans

However, the dunk contest does not fall within the scope of the game in which the cheap Jordans are punished. Look at the letter sent by the league on February 25, 1985, and the 1985 All-Star Weekend started on February 10th. It may be that the league had worn sneakers around Jordan on October 18th. The violation warned Nike, and the shoes used by Jordan in the dunk contest once again alerted the league, so they again warned Nike, but there is no evidence that the NBA issued a ticket.

In “Inside Sports” released in November 1985, Jordan and Ewing became the cover characters. The magazine was mainly to promote the 1985-86 season. The design concept of the cover was the best rookie of last season. Jordan confronted the new season. Ewing. The cover for the magazine is clearly not within the control of the NBA’s sneakers, and it is still after Jordan’s rookie season.

The documentary mentioned above is called Just For Kicks. This film tries to prove that Jordan was fined for wearing the red and black color match Air Jordan 1 in his rookie season. However, Nike and NBA have not provided it so far. Punish the evidence that did occur. The screenshot of this documentary has been revised. It is not Jordan in the rookie season, because the Jordan away jersey in the rookie period is printed on “Chicago” instead of “Bulls”.

cheap jordans sale
cheap jordans sale

Written here, I think everyone has already made it clear that the truth of the matter was that the sneakers that were banned at the time were the red and black models of the Air Ship, not the cheap Jordan shoes 1 with red and black colors. The so-called red and black Air Jordan 1 was banned, but Nike’s marketing strategy, as Nike signed Jordan’s famous scout Vakalo said: “When you tell the public that a cheap jordans sale is forbidden, it often means Popular. When you tell them they can’t do anything, they have to do it.”

Cheap Jordans Released 2018 Black Friday Jordans Shoes Sale

In addition to the return of classic color schemes and the re-interpretation of classic shoes, this black friday, the cheap Jordans has upgraded the latest combat Jordan shoes WHY NOT ZER0.1 and AIR JORDAN XXXII through unique stories behind different color schemes.

Cheap Jordans Released 2018 Black Friday Jordans Shoes Sale
cheap Jordans

Practical cheap Jordan shoes: for love


Westbrook’s first pair of signature cheap Jordans for sale have a number of new color appearances, and each color is also a portrayal of the unique details of Westbrook’s on- and off-court life.

Cheap Jordans Released 2018 Black Friday Jordans Shoes Sale
cheap Air Jordans

Cheap Air Jordans Why Not Zer0.1 3D King combines the team’s main color and black in the color scheme to celebrate Westbrook’s first anniversary of breaking the league’s single-season ternary history.

To pay tribute to Westbrook’s unique personal style, Why Not Zer0.1 Sharpie is accompanied by a microphone pen, which encourages fans to use the upper as a blank canvas to create creativity and creativity.

Why Not Zer0.1 Masters was inspired by Ray Westbrook’s graduation gown when he graduated from his Ph.D.

Why Not Zer0.1 Fashion King fully demonstrates Westbrook’s love of fashion: the snake’s snake-skin upper design adds a touch of luxury, and mimics Westbrook’s styling on the cover of its coveted fashion magazine.


The combination of beige, infrared red and soft suede uppers balances design and combat performance. On the left and right tongues, there is a “Gordon St.” street sign embroidered by Michael Jordan’s childhood.


Equipped with an upgraded material configuration, the color scheme is not only a symbol of Michael Jordan’s “black panther” image, but also a tribute to the championship he has won as a detail on the heel of the shoe.

Original Reissue: Classic Return


First released in 1985, the re-enacted Air Jordan 1 Shadow continues the OG color scheme, using a high-grade leather upper and retaining classic details such as the wing logo and the Nike Air logo.

Female exclusive

Cheap Jordans Released 2018 Black Friday Jordans Shoes Sale
cheap Air Jordan shoes

Applying the colors and luxury elements of nature to the classic cheap Air Jordan shoes, the 2018 Summer Women’s collection redefines comfort and style with the unique design philosophy and perspective of the Jordan brand.


As the new color matching of the Air Jordan XVIII series and Michael Jordan’s last pair of sneakers, the Air Jordan XVIII Toro Red continues its first year configuration, and its upgraded red suede upper is inspired by the Chicago Bulls.


After the launch in 2001, the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey color scheme is considered a classic in the classic, followed by a lower version of the golf shoes. In the 2018 Air Jordan XI Cool Grey will also be presented in front of the fans in the low-profile version.

American rapper Eminem recently confirmed personally that the famous Air Jordan 4 “Encore” color will commemorate the re-enactment in 2018, but the legendary number is only 23 pairs.

Cheap Jordans Released 2018 Black Friday Jordans Shoes Sale
cheap Jordans sale

Eminem and cheap Jordans sale jointly launched the pair of Air Jordan 4 in 2005, based on his 2004 album Encore, which was said to have produced only 50 pairs of friends and relatives who gave it to Eminem.

This pair of Air Jordan 4 Encore is one of the most classic co-branded shoes in the history of sneakers. It is also the object of sneaker collectors. The new price is about 70,000 US dollars in the market, and 25,000 US dollars in second-hand. In the 23 double engravings, Eminem will take out 1 pair for charity activities, and fans will donate $10 to get a raffle ticket. Finally, all donations will be used in Amu’s hometown of Detroit.

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Recently, a South Korean limited edition cheap Air Jordans 3 was brought to the attention of the Korean men’s basketball coach. The Korean flag Taiji flag is embroidered on the tongue of the cheap Jordans shoes, and the inner side of the left and right feet are embroidered with Korean in Seoul and the 1988 Seoul Olympics slogan harmonious and progressive.

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Jordans shoes, cheap Air Jordans

The release of the style is the most direct embodiment. For example, Nike Hyperdunk shoes, this is already the most basic basketball shoes, but according to “SIZE” magazine, most of the basic color schemes like team basketball are not available for sale in China, mainly because dealers get the goods. Limited, I think that Chinese shoe fans like fancy color matching, which makes people who want basic models only buy through the secondary market.

cheap Jordans
cheap Jordans, cheap Retro Jordans

In addition, Chinese consumers are still lacking in awareness of cheap Jordans at this stage. They are also like buying other fashion items. They stay at the level of buying the same star. What kind of fire is what it is for many fake Jordans shoes sale enthusiasts, making many The price of cheap Retro Jordans shoes and reselling prices has risen. It is reported that Air Jordan 1 has doubled in price after the broadcast of “Hip of China”.

On the other hand, fans are also following the stars, and many Chinese stars are just wearing overseas celebrities, because in China’s numerous sneaker market, Air Jordan has become history, no longer sought after by millennials, but Air Jordan For American shoe fans, it is a shoe that can never be abandoned.

Despite this, Steven Cui still believes that the sneaker culture can develop to the same extent as overseas in China, which is one of the reasons why he brought Sneakerhead into China earlier than other competitors. Steven Cui and his two friends founded the shoe sales platform Sneakerhead in 2002, starting on the line, including Yeezy, Supreme, Off-White, PALACE, Air Jordan and other brands, and entered China in 2012, opened Tmall The flagship store is the first brand to bring the concept of tide shoes to China.

From Tmall’s sales data, from 2013 to 2017, cheap Jordans sale is the first in the category of sports shoes. Steven Cui also revealed that Sneakerhead has been a case study for Tmall.

cheap Jordans sale
cheap Jordans sale, Jordan shoes sale

Since North America is the birthplace of cheap Jordans for sale culture and the market of sports brands, with more than $1 billion in sports shoes collection market, many brands of high-end or limited-edition models will choose to start in North America, earlier than domestic and more. Styles allow Sneakerhead to take advantage of product differentiation to pre-empt the Chinese market. Earlier this year, Sneakerhead launched the e-commerce platform app “Sneakerhead X”. So far, Sneakerhead has 10 online sales channels in China.

According to Steven Cui, the main tool to promote the spread of sneaker culture in China is social networking. At this stage, it will be even more infiltration and growth in the future. The data shows that users on the social media Instagram share 31% of the content of the tide brand equipment. “Reversely, sharing the tide brand equipment with strong display function, this is the broad psychology of young people”, fragmented information split The luxury brand has consistent customer loyalty, and the brand brand product innovation is fast, adapt to the trend, more in line with the social network communication logic.

wholesale Jordans sale
wholesale Jordans sale

Wholesale Jordans sale 18 has been confirmed to return in 2018, the white-blue Air Jordan18 will be officially released on January 22, priced at 225 dollars. Recently, there is a red color matching Air Jordan 18 exposure network, the whole shoe body is covered with red fur, and the bottom is divided into black. In 2009, the black and red color scheme in the Air Jordan 5 Angry Bull Set is very similar.