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Air Jordan 10 launch also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Jordan series commemorative, but also marks the birth of a sports brand myth. There is no series of players in the history of the series can continue for so long. Cheap Air Jordans 10 most special place on its soles, the above recorded 85 to 94 years of Jordan’s honor and special experience. Let people once again on the trapeze awe.

Air Jordan 11 is the most popular shoes of cheap Jordans sale, which was launched in November 1995, Jordan is the 95-96 season boots. Air Jordan 11 is the representative of the entire series, it is the first innovative use of the patent leather as the upper material, which also makes it a symbol of high-end basketball shoes.

Because the patent leather to join, making Air Jordan 11 compared to other generations of higher fashionability, red and black color is also very classic. Cheap Air Jordan 12 is the classic bag of the Air Jordan series, the biggest feature of this pair of shoes is to take a different DURA-BACK material, with natural leather uppers, the whole pair of shoes to achieve maximum stability. It is also listed in mainland China’s first Air Jordan shoes, but still engraved version.

Cheap Air Jordan 13 in the middle of the soles using Carbon Fiber, to provide better support and stability, the upper by the phylon, nylon and a variety of materials mixed. Soles to the concept of ergonomic design soles of the style is more obvious, see the soles can imagine when the movement in the soles of the soles of the various parts and functions.

Air Jordan 23 design inspiration is from the great basketball —Michael Jordan, the use of the original “Considered” environmental design. This technology is often used only on Nike casual shoes, so Air Jordan 23 attaches great importance to environmental issues. Cheap Jordan shoe is like using IPS technology and Zoom Air. But this lining uses a new TPU lining, and it feels soft, functional and visual, the most important part of this Air Jordan.

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