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According to the latest data released by the cheap Jordans shoes trading website, in the third quarter of 2017, Nike Jordan squeezed the Sneakerheads wallet, and the eight most expensive shoes sold in the resale market were all from Nike.

cheap Jordans shoes
cheap Jordans shoes

This season, Nike’s joint and re-enacted shoes bombarded the market in an all-round way, and intensively publicized, the shoes that attracted attention, the joint name of Vapormax and Edison Clot. Air Max 97 and Undefeated, Skepta, Swarovski Co-branding; automatic lace shoe sneakers Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 for sale; Nike SB and Supreme on the official website of the global launch… Of course, everyone knows Nike and Off White teamed up with The Ten.

The Ten has been highly regarded by the market since its inception, whether it is shoe fans or ordinary consumers, because they are “really good-looking” rather than a detail related to Michael Jordan’s personal history of basketball, as Off-Whilte The designer of the manager, Virgil Abloh, is even more likely to win the 31st Annual Achievement Award for the annual Shoe Award. For Nike fans, many people have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Nike x Off-White “The Ten”

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Air Jordans

It can be seen that although not all of them are on sale, The Ten has already had a very high price in the resale market, and five of them have been in the top ten of the “Most Valuable Shoe List” in the third quarter. The first cheap Air Jordans 1 average resale price was 1985 US dollars (about 13129 yuan). If you go to Taobao to search for these shoes, the price varies from 10999 to 18,000 yuan depending on the size.

This situation is a subtle contrast to the same period last year: in the third quarter of 2016, Adidas fully occupied the list with NMD and Yeezy, proclaiming that they have won the trend, and what happened later proves that they I also won in business.

Will the same thing happen to Nike? It may not be so optimistic. In September, Nike’s first-quarter earnings for the 2018 fiscal year was the lowest in the company’s quarterly revenue growth in the past seven years, as the growth rate was too small to be rounded to 0%.


Even the The Ten series, which was invincible by the media, Virgil Abloh still has no permission to design a shoe that has never been seen in the market, or that Nike has not allowed him to do so. Coupled with the launch of 10 Jordan shoes sale in one breath, it is difficult to figure out which style the brand is pushing. It is easy to happen that the more classic cheap Jordans 1 has grabbed the new style.

cheap Jordans
cheap Jordans

In any case, the popularity of the current joint venture is a good thing for Nike, but the question is, how to turn these popularity into mass market sales?

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Recently, the NBA Players Union held an annual player voice awards ceremony, PJ-Tucker received a special honor, that is, “Sneaker Champ.” This award was voted by the players. Tucker’s sneaker collection has been recognized by players all over the league. (source)

cheap Jordans
cheap Jordans

Cheap Jordans have always been an important part of basketball culture. Michael Jordan is recognized as the greatest player. In addition to his dominance on the court, a large part of the factor is his contribution to the sneaker culture, from his pair of legendary games that are auctioned for sky-high prices.

Naturally, many players in the NBA have sneaker collections. But to be recognized as the “shoe king”, PJ-Tucker said that he is the second, and no one dares to recognize this first.

After Tucker came to Houston, many Rockets players have already opened their eyes. He always likes to pile up his shoes in the locker room. On a long-term road trip, he can carry around 20 pairs of cheap Jordan shoes and still open the exhibition. Sometimes the treasures he collects will really surprise his teammates.

cheap Jordan shoes
cheap Jordan shoes

For example, before the start of the game against the Raptors in March this year, he changed his shoes while chatting with reporters in the visiting team locker room. He chose a pair of limited-edition Air Jordan 2 Retro “Eminem” that produced only 313 pairs in 2008 and showed off in front of Paul. Paul held the details for a while, shook his head, half satisfied, and half reluctantly returned to him.

This is not the first time Tucker has done this. Earlier, he showed Paul another pair of Air Jordan 11 Retro “Jeter”, so that Paul directly went to other collectors to buy a pair, the market price of this shoe can be 50,000 US dollars. about. Tucker also said: “After a week, he wore that shoe and walked into the locker room. If he didn’t say anything, he called me to look at his feet. It was impossible to understand.”

Paul was a good friend of Tucker’s youth. They both had their seats in the Rocket locker room. Paul could always appreciate Tucker’s collections with envious and hateful eyes. Once he specialized in squatting Paul, wearing a pair of Paul Air Jordan 5 Chris Paul PEs when the Hornets played, “I really let him tangled,” Tucker said. However, Tucker also said that Paul was originally the Jordan brand spokesperson. It is better to say that this brand is more than his own. “My collection is a hundred flowers.”

Jordan shoes sale
Jordan shoes sale

Tucker not only pays attention to the expensive superstar signature shoes, but also many of his market players have had no response at the time, but the Jordan shoes sale that have become rare and memorable because of the small number are also his true love. In the 2017-18 season, he passed the Air Jordan 9 that Quentin Richardson played in the Clippers, the Air Jordan in Richard Hamilton, and the six generations of Kobe Bryant in Barcelona.

His in-depth understanding of the niche shoes, and even the shoes big Michael-Jordan himself was shocked. Before he played in the Sun, when he was playing the wasp, he specialized in wearing a pair of Jordan shoes that Jordan had never seen before – the Marion 5th generation launched in 2001. At the time, Jordan sitting on the sidelines couldn’t help but ask where he bought it. Tucker said that he was “excited and speechless.”

Cheap Air Jordans 11 Low “Green Snake”

As Jordan for sale first product to enter the high-end shoe market, Jordan Shine not only looked at his peers in terms of overall luxury, but also the elements of the classic Air Jordan shoes. The red sneakers use the soles of the Air Jordan 1 and the body of the shoes is made of good-quality leather. The middle of the sneakers is woven with a woven style upper, and the sneakers still carry the logo.

Jordan for sale
Jordan for sale

Cheap Air Jordans 11 Low “Green Snake”, the body is made of yellow-green serpentine material and black mesh surface, with white in the end and crystal big bottom, very fresh. The North Carolina Blue Air Jordan 11 “Pantone” uses a highly recognizable North Carolina blue upper to embellish black detail with a white midsole and a crystal sole. The new low-top design combined with classic black and white colors gives the shoe a unique look, while the crystal blue sole and the lowered upper add a fresh touch to the shoe. Women’s Air Jordan 11 Low GS “Turbo Green” is a combination of white and aqua-green. The use of the classic Safari pattern highlights its special features and its upper foot effect is refreshing.

Cheap Jordans
Cheap Jordans

Cheap Jordans 1 Retro ’86 “Pure Platinum” combines the two classic Air Jordan shoes and presents Air Jordan 2’s classic elements on Air Jordan 1’s shoe style. There is a flying wing LOGO on the tongue, and the heel is the iconic classic design of the Air Jordan 2. The overall black and white match is quite eye-catching. Carmine’s color match on the Air Jordan 1 OG High shoe, 9 holes design, Nike Air tongue embroidery, clean heel, authentic first year details.

The dark-skinned Air Jordan 2 “Nightshade” features a deep-coloured vamp with a classic Safari pattern as a decoration and details with dazzling fluorescent accents.

Cheap Air Jordans
Cheap Air Jordans

Cheap Air Jordans 3Lab5 “Metallic Silver”, dark-colored burst upper embellished with silver-gray details, equipped with a light blue crystal outsole, the overall effect of low-key and without losing the highlights. The Air Jordan 3 “Wolf Grey” has a grey upper that is matched with a classic crackle decoration. The more distinctive is the explosive cracking made of black and silver, which is quite eye-catching.

The classic black-and-yellow Thunder color is the perfect representation of the Air Jordan 14 Ferrari. This Air Jordan 14 “Thunder” features a black upper vamp leather upper and details are complemented by golden accents. The overall texture is strong, and the upper foot effect is also quite eye-catching.

Cigar Match Color Air Jordan 6 “Cigar”, the overall use of a cigar-colored upper, leather texture is strong, dotted with dark red details, with a blue crystal outsole, with a championship ring shape shoelace buckle, and many and championship related The details are also worth savoring. The Air Jordan 6 “Champagne” features a shiny green upper that embellishes with gold details. The highlights are the tongue, heels and the bottom with a luminous effect.

Cheap Air Jordan 5 Lab 3

The joint programming jointly created by Nike SB and Jordan Brand continues. After following the first wave of Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 by Craig Stecyk, this time, it is inspired by the upcoming NCAA Madness March. Its classic Dunk High Premium brings a betting series called “March Madness.” The series consists of two color combinations, which are based on representative colors of the University of North Carolina and Georgetown University, and are loaded on high-top Dunk shoes. There is also a giant “NIKE” on the heels of Georgetown’s version. We will wait until the “Be True To Your School” series that Nike SB once launched.

Cheap Air Jordans

Cheap Air Jordans 1 “Carmine” authentically reproduces the classic design of the Air Jordan 1 shoe type. Air Jordan 1 OG High “Carmine” with 9 shoelace holes has been designed using white and red rouge to match the black body. The tongue and inner lining of the shoes are quite eye-catching. All details of cheap Jordans for sale are designed with loyalty to the first year and are worth looking forward to.

The classic Air Jordan 3 shoe model combines the reflective elements of the Air Jordan 5 with the crystal outsole. This time, Jordan Lab’s new attempt to create this all-shoe reflective Air Jordan 5 Lab 3 will completely reinvent the “Re(REFLECTIVE). ” Elements have been reinterpreted. The classic Air Jordan 3 shoe type, with a silver-gray upper, is quite eye-catching on the upper leg, while the reflective effect in the low-light environment is even more stunning. The boldest interpretation of the reflective elements has made Air Jordan 5 Lab 3 shine. Inspired by the reflective tongue of the Air Jordan 5, a metallic silver upper made of reflective material with a bursting element and a blue crystal sole, the sleek look of this pair of Jordan shoes pays tribute to the classic elements.

cheap Jordans

The Air Jordan 6 Champagne Champion is rather special in terms of color choices and details, with a luminous effect on the tongue and sole. The white upper embellishes the sporty blue midsole and details, and this Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” has a neat and lively overall effect. Air Jordan 6 “Infrared 23” combines the classic elements of the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 17. These two pairs of shoes that once appeared in the CDP set have finally been completely combined. The overall use of a white upper, the details are decorated with infrared colors, and then with a black inner lining and blue crystal big bottom, in the retro style reveals the technology experience.

The light grey vamp embellishes Air Jordan 14 “Sport Blue” with a sporty blue detail. The combination of dark grey and sporty blue makes the overall effect of Jordans sale simple and bright.

Cheap Jordans sale

Cheap Jordans sale, black nubuck leather vamps are embellished with yellow detailing. The classic Thunder color is perfect for the Air Jordans 14’s Ferrari sports car. The texture is strong and eye-catching.

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Cheap Air Jordans 2 bursts with a blue color scheme, the main color of white, the body has a large area of explosion crack decoration, details are decorated with blue.

cheap Air Jordans
cheap Air Jordans

Air Jordan 5 “Oregon Duckman” has a black body embellished with yellow details, and the silver-gray 3M reflective tongue gives a very eye-catching effect.

Air Jordan 9 “Barons” , 9 hole shoelace hole, the body of the shoe is made of black, white and gray. The cheap Jordan shoes toe cap is wrapped in black leather, the heel and the upper are made of gray, and then with a 3M shoelace. The inner lining uses the same black and gray stripes as the Air Jordan 9 “Barons”.

Cheap Jordan shoes
Cheap Jordan shoes

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1, the overall use of a green shiny upper material, Craig Stecyk signature graffiti signature “Air Jordans One SB” in many places, skateboard flavor.

The classic black-and-white Concord color scheme is a perfect fit on the low-top Air Jordan 11 Low shoe style, with black patent leather meshed with a white mesh upper and midsole, and a large, slightly blue-blue crystal sole.

The classic White Black Red Bulls color matching landing canvas version of Air Jordan 1 KO, created this Air Jordan 1 KO “Chicago”. The classic bullish black and white color scheme is perfectly presented on the canvas Air Jordan 1 KO shoe type, bringing a completely different feel, which is easy to match and perfect for summer wear.

Solefly x Air Jordan 3, a grey upper with a classic black and grey burst crack, and a heel with a striking red finish.

Air Jordan 3 “Infrared 23”, white uppers, classic black and gray burst cracks, decorated with infrared color details of this pair of Air Jordans 3 shoes, how to use the trousers, bring everyone a list of effects.

Air Jordan 11 Low GS “Aqua Safari”, a water-green Safari vamp with a white mesh fabric and a midsole, is equipped with a blue crystal large sole, followed by a flying trapeze and sole with a fluorescent accent. The overall cheap Jordans for sale with simplicity and highlights, has a good foot effect.

cheap Jordans for sale
cheap Jordans for sale

Cheap Authentic Jordans Brand’s bold new attempt at the Jordan Future dream game definitely gives shoe fans an unlimited imagination. In the upcoming pair of Jordan Future, you can see all the classic design elements in one. The woven satin on the body of the shoe comes from the Air Jordan 15, and the 3M reflective face lining on the shoe brings a wonderful sense of surprise to the shoe fans. The metal straps at the ends of the laces originate from Air Jordan 14. The Air Jordan 11 classic outsole is very much loved, one of which is designed with a classic black midsole lining with a translucent red outsole, while the other features a black midsole with a luminous transparent outsole, each with its own. Different design flavors. The sharp-eyed shoe fans can be sure that the design features on the cheap Jordans Future are all derived from Tinker Hatfiled’s Air Jordan classic design elements.