Air Jordan 1 CNY x FZBB

In the sneaker community, the Chinese New Year (CNY) theme may appear simple at first glance, but finding the right balance to embody Chinese characteristics without being overly cliché has been an ongoing challenge for major brands. Renowned sneaker customization team FZBB has introduced their take on the CNY theme with the Air Jordan 1. The color palette of the shoe goes beyond the common brown and wood tones visible to the naked eye; according to FZBB, this particular color is referred to as “Ran Tea Brown.” Cheap Jordan 1 is constantly updating new models. If you want timely information, remember to follow us.

Turning attention to the Swoosh, FZBB has employed traditional yet intricate leather carving techniques for customization, with the interior adorned with Tang grass patterns. As it is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, FZBB presents the characters “jia chen” in the form of traditional seal engraving on the heel, adding a rich Chinese flavor to the design.

Having explored wood elements, where exactly are the dragon elements incorporated? In fact, a glimpse of the dragon can be seen from the winged logo on the shoe collar. FZBB decided to design the winged logo with an openable structure, revealing a majestic dragon underneath, tightly clutching a square-holed bronze coin. This symbolizes the dragon soaring across the seas, bringing blessings of prosperity and wealth. Even the inner Swoosh is meticulously crafted with gold foil-like material, creating a distinction from the outer Swoosh and enhancing the visual layering.

The “Ran Tea Brown” color perfectly aligns with the current trend of the Mélange style. The juxtaposition of different suede textures, from coarse to fine, requires no further explanation in terms of texture representation.

In summary, FZBB’s CNY-themed Air Jordan 1 not only captures the essence of Chinese culture but also showcases a blend of traditional craftsmanship, intricate detailing, and contemporary design elements. This release stands as a unique and culturally rich addition to the ever-evolving world of sneaker customization.

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