Cheap Air Jordan 3 “Green Glow”

Air Jordan 3 “Green Glow” welcomes a new round of real-life exposure. In terms of design, it retains the classic burst pattern elements, and they are prominently featured at the lace holes – a detail that has been observed in several previous Air Jordan 3 releases. The overall color scheme stays true to the OG Black Cement palette, combining black leather with grey burst patterns, while the midsole is presented in a contrasting white and grey combination. Noteworthy details include Tiffany Green accents at the lace holes and heel, giving it a somewhat reminiscent look of the Tiffany collaboration. The cheap Jordan 3 combines budget-friendly pricing with the iconic design elements of the classic silhouette, making it an accessible option for sneaker enthusiasts who appreciate the timeless style of the Jordan 3 without breaking the bank.

The shoebox consists of two parts, with a combination of pure black and burst patterns, complemented by the striking Jumpman logo. The design pays homage to the iconic Air Jordan 3 silhouette, incorporating familiar elements while introducing fresh touches, making it a visually appealing sneaker for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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