Travis Scott x Jordan Cut The Check

The Barb series of cockroach man Travis Scott can be said to be a hot pair, and every time it appears, it affects the hearts of many sneaker players. Recently, Travis Scott has put on a new color matching of Travis Scott x Jordan Cut The Check, come and take a look! Compared with the previous bright colors, the entire pair of shoes is covered in brown and black this time, which is very low-key and versatile, and is also in line with TS’s consistent color design. In terms of details, elements such as Velcro and classic barbs are all presented one after another. I believe that the new Travis Scott x Jordan Cut The Check will be available in multiple colors, so stay tuned. Travis Scott shoes are very popular in the fashion world, but the price is also sky-high. Here we have cheap Travis Scott shoes of very good quality. Of course, demand exceeds supply as soon as it is produced, which is a welfare for fans.

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